Nanaimo Burning Safety

Firewood is one of the cleanest and most cost effective sources to heat your home. Nothing beats sitting around the fire on a cold winter day. The crackle of the wood, the aroma and ambiance add something indescribable to a room. Heating your home using firewood can be done safely as long as you follow a few key safety requirement.

1- Have your chimney and fireplace checked yearly by a trained professional. Over the warm months of spring and summer birds, bugs and debris can accumulate in your chimney along with regular creosote build up.

2- Purhcase a few fire extinguishers. These are your best and often last defense against a possible home fire.

3- Burn only dry, seasoned quality firewood. If your wood is split it can season within 4- 6 months during the warm season. If your dealer is cultivating it straight from logs be sure it has seasoned for a minimum of 18 months. The goal is to get your wood seasoned so it has a moisture content rating of 22-25%.

4- Never use gas, karosene or any other liquid fire starter indoors. Instead ask your firewood dealer for a bundle of cedar kindling. When seasoned, nothing makes building a fire more effortless.

5- Teach your children about fire safety and keep a tight fitting screen in front of an open fireplace.

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