AAA Quality Seasoned Firewood

Victoria Firewood Inc.

Firewood distributors are some of the hardest working people on the planet. They work through the hot sun of the summer, the rain and the bitter cold of the winter. Nothing comes easy for a woodsman.

Many customers understand that woodsmen get wood from the forest and deliver it to their door. Most don’t understand the entire process involved in getting your wood from start to finish. Let us fill you in.

Most firewood producers work in partnership with the major lumber companies in Canada. After the best and most marketable logs are removed and sold to the highest bidder, firewood companies go in and salvage whatever is left over and help in the clean-up and restoration process.

Once the salvageable logs have been removed, they are chopped up and split using a processor or by hand using a chainsaw and axe. For the average woodsman it takes 2-4 hours per cord to process.

Once the wood has been processed and piled up, it is left in the sun for 4-6 months for seasoning. Seasoning firewood has a cost itself as the distributor has to rent or purchase land to store the wood. After it reaches a moisture rating of 22% – 25% it is ready to be loaded into a truck or trailer and delivered to your home.

By the time your wood reaches your location it is picked up and moved a minimum of 3 times. A lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears go into every cord. Trust us when we say that firewood dealers are some of the hardest working unsung hero’s in your community.

If you are looking for safe, seasoned and reliable firewood with awesome customer service to match, then you have found the right place. Victoria Firewood Inc. is the premiere firewood distribution service for residents of Victoria, British Columbia.

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